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Smug Messenger

  • Written Ruby / iOS
  • Backend was in Redis
  • Able to send photos, videos, emoticons
  • Android + iOS
  • REMOVED from App Store.


  • Millions of downloads (10m+?)
  • Backend was PHP/Mysql
  • Major Ad Platform, sold traffic to a number of large Ad Networks
  • Android + iOS

Crowdstar: Modern Girl

My last game launched and live was a game called Modern Girl. It was launched on iOS. I managed the project as a development producer and helped code many of the components in C++ / Ruby. The game reached #14 on the iOS free store. You basically shop, buy clothes and progress to get to better shops. Coded in C++ and objective-C.

Download the in the iPhone store here

Crowdstar: It Girl

My first true Girl Game. The game reached over 2million DAU. I acted as the tech lead. Helped in Ruby on Rails and AS3 style coding in Facebook.

Play the game now

Crowdstar: Happy Pets

Happy Pets is Crowdstar’s most successful products. I acted as a General Manager; ensuring revenue goals were met, code was being delivered and jumped in coding PHP and AS3.


Coded much of the backend software for and helped the site during the sell to Developed strategies for getting communities off the SmallTalk system and over to a more robust architecture LAMP.

Just one example of the site is a community called JJB. It is a large community of girls gossiping on daily issues.

Check out the Site

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